The sun, a false friend of our acne for


Our first impression is that in the summer our acne spontaneously improves and the sun erases our pimples... But what is it really?

The effects of the sun on the skin

The radiation from the sun dry out our skin and have an anti-inflammatory effect; thus, in summer, red pimples and pustules will tend to fade and the tan will even out our complexion, hiding our acne lesions... But should we stop our specific treatments and creams?

 Especially not, as the skin, attacked by the sun, will thicken and this hyperkeratinization will clog the pores and encourage the appearance of blackheads and microcysts. These retention lesions are real time bombs, and when school starts again, they will be responsible for a rebound acne outbreak!

In addition, the sun can pigment purple marks and acne scars, resulting in sometimes indelible spots.

Sunscreens to choose for the summer

In short, the sun is a false friend of our acne, and it is absolutely necessary to protect ourselves from it if we want to keep a pretty skin. We must continue to take care of our acne and we must regularly and generously apply sun creams Very high protection (30+ minimum): there are many of them today, but those used must not be comedogenic, i.e. they must not promote pimples. Check this information "non-comedogenic" which must be written on the packaging, if in doubt, choose another product. There are now specific products for acne-prone skin that moisturize, matify and protect the skin from light; some are even tinted if you want to look good and hide some lesions.

 In the summer, keep your skin beautiful and put on your sun creams!!!

Dr. Aurélie Acher - Dermatologist

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