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Hydrafac - Daily hydration for all skin types

Moisturizing is the daily gesture to preserve a good balance of the skin. A well-hydrated skin is protected and healthy.

HYDRAFAC is the range whose objective is to moisturise all skin types on a daily basis in all circumstances. Two alternatives adapted to everyone's needs:

  • A light formula for combination skin, or in summer or as a make-up base.
  • A rich formula for dry skin or winter or as a night cream.
  • But also a lip balm 100% natural.




All our care products to moisturize your skin:


Light cream

Light cream

Crème hydratante adaptée aux peaux mixtes, l’été ou en base de maquillage. Augmente la présence d’eau dans le stratum cornéum.

Rich cream

Rich cream

Crème hydratante adaptée aux peaux sèches, l’hiver ou en crème de nuit. Améliore la biosynthèse du ciment lipidique.