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The story of HYFAC begins in 1984 in a laboratory. Alice was working as a chemist on the development of a new shampoo. After testing it on herself for several days, she realized that on her forehead (an area close to the scalp) her skin looked clearer and less oily. The results of Alice's research on the origin of this improvement showed that the antibacterial active ingredient called "Piroctone Olamine" was responsible for this beneficial action on the skin. Following this fortuitous but nevertheless promising discovery, the laboratory decided to develop original formulations based on Piroctone Olamine for the care of acne-prone skin. This is how HYFAC ORIGINAL was born, a range of skin care products for young skin with imperfections. A simple range, with proven effectiveness, enriched with active ingredients recognized by dermatologists for their anti-acne properties. HYFAC also means being aware that acne can be difficult to live with on a daily basis, that it occurs regularly during adolescence and takes a long time to leave you. Acne is a real skin disease that requires a global treatment with the right products, but also with an adapted lifestyle. This is why HYFAC helps you to understand this disease in order to treat it better. With an experienced team of dermatologists, pharmacists and young talents, Laboratoires Moulin Royal Cosmetics continues to develop new ranges of dermo-cosmetic products adapted to each need and each skin type.