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Adolescent acne

Better understanding acne to better treat it What is "blemished skin"? This is the term used in cosmetology to designate acne-prone skin. This is manifested by oily skin (seborrheic), the appearance of blackheads (comedones), and "pimples" (inflammatory lesions: papulo-pustules). Acne is a chronic disease of the teenager, evolving by flare-ups.... Read more >>>

acne in adult women

Understanding and Treating Adult Female Acne Adult female acne is a disease of modern civilization. Many women are surprised that they still have acne at 25. And yet they are far from alone! Acne in adult women has been increasing in frequency in recent years: studies show that almost half of all women with acne... Read more >>>

Skin moisturizing

Why is it important to moisturize your skin? Moisturizing our skin is part of our daily face and body routine. It is the basis of all cosmetic care. The objectives of hydration are notably when the skin becomes dry, hydration must be reinforced to restore the cutaneous barrier by decreasing the Insensible Loss... Read more >>>

The sun and the skin

The consequences of sun exposure on the skin The sun's rays are essential to the development of our body. They help to fix calcium on the bones and influence our morale. The main beneficial effect of the sun is the warmth it gives us. This heat is provided by the energy delivered by the sun's rays. Read more >>>


Understanding and treating pigmentation spots How are pigments formed in the skin? The pigmentation of the skin is the consequence of the manufacture of melanin. This phenomenon is called melanogenesis. The cells responsible for the production of melanin are the melanocytes, located at the base of the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin). Read more >>>

Actinic Keratoses and Prevention

What is actinic keratosis? How is it treated? Actinic keratosis is a complicated name for one of the most common skin conditions in the world! Actinic keratoses are small flat or slightly raised patches (pinkish, yellowish, sometimes brown) that are rough or rough to the touch, often covered with a small adherent "crust", more or less thicker than the skin. Read more >>>

Sun protection products

How to protect your skin from the sun? Sun protection products are effective in protecting your skin from the sun's rays, provided you apply them regularly and widely. Of course, clothing, wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses are essential protectors, especially between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm (the time of year when the sun is shining). Read more >>>

Corrective make-up

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