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Acne is a disease of Western countries and our diet is one of the aggravating factors; if it does not exist in remote tribes whose diet is poor in refined and milky products, it is observed in these same populations as soon as they adopt a "modern diet": but what are these diabolic foods then?

Les effets d’une alimentation sucrée

Foods with a high glycemic index, i.e. those which, after digestion, will rapidly increase the sugar level in the blood. So beware of sweets, chocolates or cakes during our little breaks. The rapid increase in insulin and insulin growth factor 1 (IGF 1) in response will induce a secretion of androgens and thus stimulate the sebaceous gland. The sebaceous gland will therefore produce more sebum. However, don't stop eating, because these sugars consumed during a balanced meal, especially in the presence of green vegetables, will be absorbed more slowly because of their mixture with the food bowl.

Amino acids

Our consumption of dairy products, whatever form they take, should also be reduced. Dairy products, by providing branched amino acids, also act on the overproduction of sebum by increasing insulin, insulin growth factor 1 and the growth hormone GH.

Finally, as we assumed, saturated fatty acids (as opposed to omega 3) are also harmful and aggravate acne by altering the composition of sebum.

So to have a beautiful skin, eat a balanced diet and don't snack!

Dr. Aurélie Acher - Dermatologist