Fashion Dispatches: HYFAC's back-to-school essentials

Gwendoline from the blog Fashion Dispatches tested a HYFAC skincare routine. She shares her opinion in her article "My back-to-school essentials".

"A perfect combo for my skin that thanks me today! "

Check out his article:

Who is Dépêche Mode?

Gwendoline is a blogger from Normandy (Caen), in love and adventurous, who shares with her readers her looks, her DIY and her travel memories! She is passionate about vintage and addicted to her little fur ball Richard Parker...

And his blog...?

She shares her looks, talks about her travels, gives advice and shares her opinion on the products she tests. A very sweet blog that we enjoy discovering and reading!

She tested:

The HYFAC Woman global care

  • Acts in depth
  • Ideal in the evening to treat blemishes

HYDRAFAC light cream

  • Deeply moisturizes the skin
  • Leaves no greasy finish
  • Does not shine
  • Ideal in the morning before make-up

"My biggest crushes were for the following creams: the Hydrafac light cream and the Hyfac Woman global care"

HYFAC Woman micellar water

  • Removes makeup thoroughly
  • Does not irritate the eyes

"The product is effective and does not irritate the eyes so I can say I have validated it. "

HYDRAFAC lip balm

  • Very moisturized lips
  • Nice finish when applying lipstick

" 'So I used this lip balm every day (and still do today). "

Where to find the tested products?

You can find HYFAC products:

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